Thursday, February 25, 2010


A few years back , while i was watching a cricket match on t.v , i saw a spectator holding a banner which read "Cricket is my religion and Sachin is my God."....Year after year, time and again, this cricketing god has proven his worth  and today after 21 years of cricketing career he still seems keen and raring to go  just like a youngster....

The day of 24th february 2010 is going to be remembered  by cricket lovers all over the world as we all witnessed the creation of history .... The  Sachin hurricane swept across the south african coast sending the proteas into a spin and shaking the foundation of the team which boasted of being better than all sides when it comes to one day cricket....

At last the barrier of 200 runs in one day was broken and deservedly so, it was broken by the greatest cricketer on the entire universe... It was in a way, justice delivered as Sachin has been criticized by skeptics of not being able to play any long innings... This mammoth effort might have silenced those idiots as well....

For years, Indian criketers and fans have been haunted by Saeed Anwar's record breaking 194  against  our team at Chennai... With Sachin's double ton,the anwar haunting is past.... And all patriotic indians are breathing a sigh of relief as the maestro pockets yet another record adding to his long list of world records... Along with Sachin, The city of Gwalior and Captain Roop Singh Stadium will also become a part of cricketing legend and will always be remembered for this day..The people of gwalior must be God's chosen ones to have witnessed such a unique spectacle... I envy them but i am happy that atleast i watched it on T.v. and di not miss the event like many of my friends did because of the working day...I guess bunking the office for such a match was truly worth and dont regret that....It is possible that someone will make 200 and break this record , but it will take a herculean effort to do so and if anyone can do that, it might be someone like Sehwag, Yuvraaj or Ricky Ponting...But i dont see that happening  very soon....

       People like Sachin Tendulkar are born once in million years and i am sure we are not going to see anyone like the little master again.... It will take many light years to evem match the achievements of the maestro....With 46 one day 100s and 47 test hundreds, Sachin tendulkar has personified glory and success... Few decades down the line , it would not be easy for the next generation to believe that such a person ever played this game ...His record are so unbelievable..  I feel God cannot be everywhere ,thats why he created someone like Tendulkar to make people believe that he still creates super humans..The greatness of this man is his humility ...Dedicating his 200 to the people of India was a great gesture and a slap on face of regionlist chauvinistic forces.... This makes him even more greater and thats the reason he is the heart throb of 125 crore Indians....

I salute the great man who has always give us a reason to rejoice and smile ....He makes us feel proud of being Indians ...Amidst all the negative things happening in today's world, Sachin stands out as  a light house of hope and joy....If ever i would like to be someone or want my next generations to emulate would be Sachin Tendulkar ......At last , a pertinent question that always strikes me....With the effort Sachin has made to make all of proud... Does nt he deserve The Bharat Ratna?? I just hope the politicians think about it and honor the greatest son of our soil and give him the honor which he truly deserves......Long Live Sachin...JAI HIND!

reactions of people about sachin:-

"Its better not to bowl right now"-Commentator Robin Jackman during the match on 24 feb 2010

"There are 2 kinds of batsman in the world,1.Sachin.., and 2. all the others"...-Andy flower

"We did not lose to team India .We lost to man called sachin" -Mark Taylor, the then Australian captain

"He can play that leg glance with a walking stick"- Waqar Younus

" Do your crimes while Sachin is batting,bcoz even god watches him playing"-A poster in Sydney

"Sachin is greatest batsman i have ever bowled against...Its  a treat watching him play,Thank god I m not playing anymore" -Shane Warne

"I m lucky to have  been born in this era which will be known as 'sachin era' in the history books of future"- Ompal Singh

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