Sunday, February 7, 2010


      As the world takes yet another step forward towards scientific glory and progress….the mankind’s leap forward takes us  further away from our Nature and its diversities….We have grown in science, I.T., health sciences, space technology  but we have paid a heavy price for the development…all this development has been achieved at the cost of reducing forests,polluted rivers,increasing healh problems,polluted citiesrising sea levels ,high level of green house gases and decreasing flora and fauna…..The mankind’s blind race for its selfish motives has led us almost to the threshold of a natural devastation  and nearly the end of nature….

         Last night while  I was watching the television i saw one advertisement that is 'Save the Tigers in India'.There are just about 1400 tigers left in India and that too according to wild life surveys…we all know how misleading these stats can be, the real figure of alive tigers can be staggeringly lower than this stat suggests….. the biggest example of misleading stats was recent survey at Sariska …we all know how many tigers are actually left in Sariska and Ranthambhor for that matter….. This message is for every Indian to start thinking about our natural wealth and raise a voice of concern to save not only the tiger but also other animals who are on the verge of extinction due to increasing human interference in their natural habitat and ever increasing poaching……The need of the hour is to devise an effective mechanism involving the governments, people and N.G.O.s  to rethink the policies, make new laws to save the wildlife and also regulate the human habitations so as to stop encroachment in the jungles,which these poor animals well and truly deserve to own…..

       The ever increasing human habitations leads to conflict between humans and the animals ….as was evident in the cases of tigers attacking humans in Corbett National Park area …. This news was aal over the news channles yesterday… But instead of calling tigers as “ Maneaters” we must realise that it is we humans who have forced the tigers to be maneaters as we threaten them by disturbing their habitats and thereby effecting the balance of the wild life……

        You might wonder what help we can do to save tigers by writing blogs,sms,articles etc?  But all great journeys begin with a small step and by creating awareness among the people about the importance of tiger and the pride which we take in calling tiger our national animal, we can send a messgae to the masses and this small endeavour will create a wave of awareness and one day it will turn into a movemnet…. More so we can help the cause by boycotting all the products that are made of animal furs,skins etc …..

          This is high time… if we don’t wake up now we will only have photos of tigers to show to our future generations….. So get up and join the cause….your small initiative can change the scenario…… Save Tiger…… before its too late!

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  1. Dear sir...all in root is the growing population and covetousness of ours. If the sincere efforts were done..poor tigers would be in huge numbers.
    The poor managements of respective govts led to this situation.There are huge proponents of Save Tigers..but by and large it gone to hollow.
    More over nexus between poachers and officers made watering it down.
    When the things turn turtle now the same people (read officers) started to yell . Secondly the realtors made the things insouciant.