Monday, February 22, 2010


Why we always expect God to act as we all want him to? We expect a lot without being willing to yield to the plans of the almighty....Those who leave everything in god's hand will ultimately see god's hand in everything... But we lack patience as this is the sge of instant things...instant coffee,instant lunch,instant love and instant life...So who has the time to live according to the God,s clock which requires perseverance  and loads of patience?

  The fact is we desire too much without deserving a bit.... That is the cause of discontent which leads to all the sorrows..Man thinks himself so wise and good that he does not like God's thoughts concerning himself, his fall, his guilt or his danger. The thoughts of God are not man's but man should have the thoughts of God.

God's thoughts are love, purity, tenderness; ours are forgetfulness, ingratitude, and hard-heartedness. He thinks of us as the lost sheep are thought of by the Shepherd, as a prodigal child is thought of by his Father, but our thoughts are not like His.

In it's wandering state the sheep has no thought of returning to the Shepherd, and the prodigal son to his Father, until convicting grace meets him, he has no reciprocal affection towards his Father. God's thoughts to us are thoughts of love, but not so ours to Him. He is tender of our comfort but we are not tender of His honor. He considers our interests but we think not of His glory. He watches over our safety, but we are not watchful to keep His statutes. He loads us with benefits and blessings but we load Him only with our sin. He has given us all that we have but we bring Him cold thanks in return.

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