Thursday, February 25, 2010


A few years back , while i was watching a cricket match on t.v , i saw a spectator holding a banner which read "Cricket is my religion and Sachin is my God."....Year after year, time and again, this cricketing god has proven his worth  and today after 21 years of cricketing career he still seems keen and raring to go  just like a youngster....

The day of 24th february 2010 is going to be remembered  by cricket lovers all over the world as we all witnessed the creation of history .... The  Sachin hurricane swept across the south african coast sending the proteas into a spin and shaking the foundation of the team which boasted of being better than all sides when it comes to one day cricket....

At last the barrier of 200 runs in one day was broken and deservedly so, it was broken by the greatest cricketer on the entire universe... It was in a way, justice delivered as Sachin has been criticized by skeptics of not being able to play any long innings... This mammoth effort might have silenced those idiots as well....

For years, Indian criketers and fans have been haunted by Saeed Anwar's record breaking 194  against  our team at Chennai... With Sachin's double ton,the anwar haunting is past.... And all patriotic indians are breathing a sigh of relief as the maestro pockets yet another record adding to his long list of world records... Along with Sachin, The city of Gwalior and Captain Roop Singh Stadium will also become a part of cricketing legend and will always be remembered for this day..The people of gwalior must be God's chosen ones to have witnessed such a unique spectacle... I envy them but i am happy that atleast i watched it on T.v. and di not miss the event like many of my friends did because of the working day...I guess bunking the office for such a match was truly worth and dont regret that....It is possible that someone will make 200 and break this record , but it will take a herculean effort to do so and if anyone can do that, it might be someone like Sehwag, Yuvraaj or Ricky Ponting...But i dont see that happening  very soon....

       People like Sachin Tendulkar are born once in million years and i am sure we are not going to see anyone like the little master again.... It will take many light years to evem match the achievements of the maestro....With 46 one day 100s and 47 test hundreds, Sachin tendulkar has personified glory and success... Few decades down the line , it would not be easy for the next generation to believe that such a person ever played this game ...His record are so unbelievable..  I feel God cannot be everywhere ,thats why he created someone like Tendulkar to make people believe that he still creates super humans..The greatness of this man is his humility ...Dedicating his 200 to the people of India was a great gesture and a slap on face of regionlist chauvinistic forces.... This makes him even more greater and thats the reason he is the heart throb of 125 crore Indians....

I salute the great man who has always give us a reason to rejoice and smile ....He makes us feel proud of being Indians ...Amidst all the negative things happening in today's world, Sachin stands out as  a light house of hope and joy....If ever i would like to be someone or want my next generations to emulate would be Sachin Tendulkar ......At last , a pertinent question that always strikes me....With the effort Sachin has made to make all of proud... Does nt he deserve The Bharat Ratna?? I just hope the politicians think about it and honor the greatest son of our soil and give him the honor which he truly deserves......Long Live Sachin...JAI HIND!

reactions of people about sachin:-

"Its better not to bowl right now"-Commentator Robin Jackman during the match on 24 feb 2010

"There are 2 kinds of batsman in the world,1.Sachin.., and 2. all the others"...-Andy flower

"We did not lose to team India .We lost to man called sachin" -Mark Taylor, the then Australian captain

"He can play that leg glance with a walking stick"- Waqar Younus

" Do your crimes while Sachin is batting,bcoz even god watches him playing"-A poster in Sydney

"Sachin is greatest batsman i have ever bowled against...Its  a treat watching him play,Thank god I m not playing anymore" -Shane Warne

"I m lucky to have  been born in this era which will be known as 'sachin era' in the history books of future"- Ompal Singh

Monday, February 22, 2010


Why we always expect God to act as we all want him to? We expect a lot without being willing to yield to the plans of the almighty....Those who leave everything in god's hand will ultimately see god's hand in everything... But we lack patience as this is the sge of instant things...instant coffee,instant lunch,instant love and instant life...So who has the time to live according to the God,s clock which requires perseverance  and loads of patience?

  The fact is we desire too much without deserving a bit.... That is the cause of discontent which leads to all the sorrows..Man thinks himself so wise and good that he does not like God's thoughts concerning himself, his fall, his guilt or his danger. The thoughts of God are not man's but man should have the thoughts of God.

God's thoughts are love, purity, tenderness; ours are forgetfulness, ingratitude, and hard-heartedness. He thinks of us as the lost sheep are thought of by the Shepherd, as a prodigal child is thought of by his Father, but our thoughts are not like His.

In it's wandering state the sheep has no thought of returning to the Shepherd, and the prodigal son to his Father, until convicting grace meets him, he has no reciprocal affection towards his Father. God's thoughts to us are thoughts of love, but not so ours to Him. He is tender of our comfort but we are not tender of His honor. He considers our interests but we think not of His glory. He watches over our safety, but we are not watchful to keep His statutes. He loads us with benefits and blessings but we load Him only with our sin. He has given us all that we have but we bring Him cold thanks in return.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

No. 1 spot in test is safe ! but for how long?

   Kudos to the Indian team for the comprehensive win at the eden gardens...After the disappointment at Nagpur the team looked a totally different unit at kolkata where it beat the south africans in all the departments of the game...the young brigade led by Dhoni showed real character to bounce back after the mauling at Nagpur...This test win was more important in many aspects....firstly the team was playing without the big guns Dravid and Yuvraaj, secondly the numero uno spot was at stake and lastly India had only three bowlers in the second innings to dismiss the proteas, as Zaheer khan was out due to an injury, this speak volumes about the attitude of this team...

The foundation for this win was laid in the third session of Day 1 when the proteas after a great start made a mess of things and lost seven wickets in the last session for just 20 odd runs.... This nicely set up the match... the second day saw two of the greatest players of the world at their very best .... The little master sachin and his disciple Veeru made sure that India do not loose too many wickets.... Centuries by Sachin and Sehwag ensured India of overhauling the African total but still the task was incomplete as india needed a huge lead to create pressure and this job was well done by Dhoni and Laxman .... The mammoth partnership between Dhoni and Laxman ensured that India couldnt lose the match from  there on....

Taking ten wickets on the batsman friendly track wasnt that easy and to add to that the rain god played the spoil sport on day 4 with just 34 overs being bowled due to bad weather....And on day five India had a huge task of getting seven proteas batsmen out...Thankfully the weather stayed alright and despite Zaheer's absence Indian bowlers led by harbhajan ensured that India clinch a famous win at the dying minutes of the last day....? Harbhajan's five wicket haul and his famous victory lap is going to remain in the memories of cricket lovers for a long time, it brings back the memories of  the year 2000 series against Australia when Bhajji burst on to the scene with a series winning performance and who could forget that match winning partnership between Dravid and Laxman when India was following on!

Amongst all these accolades, we must not forget the great performance of the South African batsman Hashim Amla who scored 494 runs in three innings and was dismissed only once...Amla nearly saved the Kolkata test when he stringed a long partnership with Mornie Morkel, the number 11 batsman.....Deservingly Amla was adjudged the Man of the match and also The man of the series, giving South Africans something to cheer about

The Test series ended  at 1 -1 which made sure that team India will remain number one side in Test with 124 rating points in ICC world rankings....This is a great moment for the team ....but there are still afew things that needs to be looked at to ensure that we stay at the top in future also...The experiment with Badrinath and Murli Vijay didnt seem to have worked well as both these batsmen struggled to make any mark...If India aspires to consistantly win not only at home but abroad, then we have to find good middle order batsmen because Sachin, Laxman and Dravid are not going to be around forever....         Its time to try Dinesh Kartik, Manish Pandey, Rohit sharma,  Viraat Kohli and Suresh Raina in the test matches, so that we can find someone to fill in the shoes of the great trio....

Zaheer has been a stand out performer for the past two seasons but India's second seamer has been a cause of concern...To win test matches we have to find bowlers who can pick 20 wickets... Ishant, Srisanth,R.P.and  Munaaf  have not shown great signs for a long term prospect of being a world class bowler..... Likewise, finding a replacement of Kumble in the spin Department has not yielded any result so far... We have tried Amit mishra, Pragyan Ojha,Piyush chawla etc but none of them showed any promise.... This puts added pressure on Harbhajan Singh.....

India could try fast bowlers like Dhawal kulkarni,Sudip Tyagi and Abhimanyu Mithun...In spin department we can try R.Ashwin and even try Ravinder Jadeja as a potential all rounder.....Not to forget the Pathan brothers Irfan and Yusuf....

Reaching the top position is tough but maintaining the top position is tougher because there is very little space at the top....And the south Africans and Australians are closing in narrowing the gap.....Lets see how long we are going to remain number one!   

Sunday, February 7, 2010


      As the world takes yet another step forward towards scientific glory and progress….the mankind’s leap forward takes us  further away from our Nature and its diversities….We have grown in science, I.T., health sciences, space technology  but we have paid a heavy price for the development…all this development has been achieved at the cost of reducing forests,polluted rivers,increasing healh problems,polluted citiesrising sea levels ,high level of green house gases and decreasing flora and fauna…..The mankind’s blind race for its selfish motives has led us almost to the threshold of a natural devastation  and nearly the end of nature….

         Last night while  I was watching the television i saw one advertisement that is 'Save the Tigers in India'.There are just about 1400 tigers left in India and that too according to wild life surveys…we all know how misleading these stats can be, the real figure of alive tigers can be staggeringly lower than this stat suggests….. the biggest example of misleading stats was recent survey at Sariska …we all know how many tigers are actually left in Sariska and Ranthambhor for that matter….. This message is for every Indian to start thinking about our natural wealth and raise a voice of concern to save not only the tiger but also other animals who are on the verge of extinction due to increasing human interference in their natural habitat and ever increasing poaching……The need of the hour is to devise an effective mechanism involving the governments, people and N.G.O.s  to rethink the policies, make new laws to save the wildlife and also regulate the human habitations so as to stop encroachment in the jungles,which these poor animals well and truly deserve to own…..

       The ever increasing human habitations leads to conflict between humans and the animals ….as was evident in the cases of tigers attacking humans in Corbett National Park area …. This news was aal over the news channles yesterday… But instead of calling tigers as “ Maneaters” we must realise that it is we humans who have forced the tigers to be maneaters as we threaten them by disturbing their habitats and thereby effecting the balance of the wild life……

        You might wonder what help we can do to save tigers by writing blogs,sms,articles etc?  But all great journeys begin with a small step and by creating awareness among the people about the importance of tiger and the pride which we take in calling tiger our national animal, we can send a messgae to the masses and this small endeavour will create a wave of awareness and one day it will turn into a movemnet…. More so we can help the cause by boycotting all the products that are made of animal furs,skins etc …..

          This is high time… if we don’t wake up now we will only have photos of tigers to show to our future generations….. So get up and join the cause….your small initiative can change the scenario…… Save Tiger…… before its too late!