Sunday, November 8, 2009

What a country!

What a country and what a system! where a street rag picker child is sent to jail for stealing a bread but people like lalu yadav who misappropriated millions of rupees in the fodder scam, are rewarded with the post of cabinet minister.... where a clerk caught with 200 rupees bribe is immediately dismissed from duty but a minister seen taking bribe on national t.v is roaming around free and unharmed.... Where a government employee has to prove the source of income to the authorities for buying a new car but a person who came from a poor background, became minister and amassed huge wealth in crores of rupees is not asked a single question about his source of income... I fail to understand how the income of ministers,M.Ps and MLAs increase manifold in a matter of 12 months... If they have some investment secrets, they should share it with poor people of the country a large portion of poor people are still trying their luck to be rich by investing in chit funds and lotteries,,, may be our leaders can show them a better way to be rich quickly...Well thats what we call"right to equality".... everybody has the right to be rich by hook or crook....whatever!

There are many examples of "success stories" in politics.... a woman from a poor background joined a small regional party and within a few years, that party won assembly polls in a state, that woman became the symbol of backward castes and poor people.... But just to fulfill the dreams of her poor voters, that woman had to move in to a multi crore mansion, though she never wanted to leave her poor house.... Thats ultimate sacrifice! the statues of that woman are being erected everywhere in that state just to boost tourism... she never wanted her statues to be erected, the people forced her because spending millions of govt money on statues will provide food and shelter to the poor!Alas... the supreme court interfered in this generous cause and the poor people have to be content with a few statues of their beloved "behenji"....

Madhu koda is a latest edition to the " public service and sacrifice group of companies" He sacrificed his integrity and honesty just for the sake of the people of Jharkhand and invested huge money in various states to boost the economy(?) of Jharkhand... The EOW( econimic offence wing) has spoiled the party.... poor people of Jharkhand are now wondering ,what a great CM we had?May be mr. Koda will get an offer from The IMF to be their econimic advisor.....

       As long as we have the Lalus, kodas, mayawatis in our system we dont have to worry about our future because these elements will ensure we dont get any future at all!

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