Sunday, November 8, 2009

The case of nationality....

The fatwa issued by darul ulum devband instructing muslims to refrain from singing the national song Vande mataram is very unfortunate and anti national.... the song which inculcated the the feeling of nationalism during our freedom struggle and united people from various religions,regions ,castes and creeds to fight against the british tyranny  has all of a sudden become a matter of debate... I fail to understand how singing of our national song can pose any threat to any religion ? I dont think praising our motherland can in anyway harm any religion... The song does not praise any particular religious deity which is wrongly presumed by the so called scholars of devband.

   The fatwa issue is not only against the national pride of our country but it is also misleading the muslims.. This should be condemned by muslim scholars and learned people as it is setting a wrong example for the future generations.. Today the devband prohibits muslims from singing vande matram, may be tomorrow they will ask the muslims to stop paying respect to the indian tricolor, mahatma gandhi, father of the nation and the indian constitution as well....

The government should also step in ... there should be no leniency in matters related to national pride... suppose the  devband some day passes the resolution that they will adopt the national song of pakistan as their national song, will the government still be  a silent spectator? The devaband is not the only representative of millions of muslims in India... Its time for the nationalists muslims to come forward and speak against the Fatwa , and send a clear signal to dev band that it cannot dictate terms on national matters.... The need of the hour is to understand that india is our mother land , which gave birth to all of us and the mortal reamins of our ancestors also lies in this very land... so  to sing a song to praise our mother is not against any religion...As A.R. Rehmaan has sung"maa tujhe salaam"

Those who have objection to this song and this Nation  had been given opportunity to go to pakistan in 1947 and that option is still open..... Religion is a personal matter but nationalism is far bigger than religion... Those who have objections to Vande matram will object jan gan man some day on the basis of useless logic... These sort of tendencies should be curbed on its very onset or else it will aggravate into more serious anti national threat in the future.....We dont want this to happen

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