Monday, June 8, 2009

20 20 world cup

The 20-20 world cup in england has thrown quite a few surprises for the fans....first england was beaten by The Netherlands in a cliff hanger , followed by west indies humbling the outspoken aussies in a one sided match,thanx to chris gayle's scintillating batting.... Now with Sri Lanka knocking the Aussies out of the World cup,the thrill is at its pinnacle......India started off its campaign well with a win over bangladesh and the team looked in good shape inspite of all fitness worries and rumors of rift between Dhoni and Sehwag.... though Zahir jkhan ddnt look 100 % fit.... i was pleasantly surprised with the eprformance of Pragyaan ojha,who really bowled well and wasnt afraid to toss the ball, which harbhajan has forgotten of late... Yuvraj's cameo innings was the turning point of the game .... because at one point india didnt seem to reach 150 to say the least... but yuvi set the tone with his breath taking shots all over the park. With Rohit Sharma doing well up the order,dhoni should not be worried about the opening pair inspite of viru's unexplained fitness problems?? Irfan pathan looked out of form...ever since he lost his swinging ability,irfan has looked very ordinary.. its about time for him to introspect at get back to the basics before its too late... I hope he comes out of it.... Gambhir also struck some form iin the match against Bangladesh,though he is still not that threatening as he was a season ago.... India has a dangerous middle order with likes of Dhoni,YUvraj, Raina, Yusuf and irfan... on its day this batting order can demolish any bowling attack.... india,s next fixture is against Ireland, which India should win comfortably,but they should not be compalcent against Ireland, who have defeated Bangladesh and qualified for the Super 8s.... Dhoni should be aware of the fact that the team should maintain the winning momentum..... winning is a habit and it should be continued ...

super 8 scenario has changed big time, much to the surprise of cricket pundits .... with Australia being knocked out and also bangladesh beaten out of the competition by ireland.... even pakistan is also on the verge of elimination if they dont beat holland comprehensively... if this happens the tournament will become more interesting ... India, Ireland, West Indies, Sri lanka, South Africa,New Zealand and England are already thru to the super 8 stage..... todays match between Pakistan and Netherlands will decide the 8th team... I personally want Pakistan to qualify as it would add the flavour to the tournamnet as pakistan is the most unpredictible team in the world, they can be brilliant one day and very mediocre the very next day....

From the present scenario it seems India will have a tough group in super 8 with west indies, england and South africa.... whereas the second group will consist of Sri lanka, new zealand, ireland and possibly pakistan... well the picture will be clearer tonight..... everything said and done, its going to be a thrilling roller coaster for all the fans in the next week and a half as we will see sizzling display of instant cricket ... 20-20 is hotting up now and so are the teams for the next stage.... so folks! sit back and enjoy the extravaganza... may the best team win! all the best to the men in blue!

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